Our High–End Services

Here are our High-End Service Packages. Starting at just $139 per month.

internet research & data collection

Internet Research and Data Collection Assistance

Internet research is a must in today’s digital world. Every competitor detail or what is trending is the information you can collect from the internet. We help you collate that data via internet research

We help you with the research and analyzing of data available online. We then collate it for you in the format you want it and deliver a complete evaluated data with their sources. Internet Research & Data Collection is further divided into;

  • Web search
  • Website research
  • Product search
  • Email search
  • Blog topic search
  • Database generation
  • Company profile search
  • Company research
  • Personnel profile search for building customer list
  • Data mining
  • Competitors research
  • Product cross-referencing
  • Research on certain topics for articles and blog posts

executive assistance

Executive/Business Administration Assistance

A Virtual Executive Assistant is no different from the assistant working at your office, besides the fact that she works remotely.

We handle all the executive and business administration tasks like answering your phone calls, emails in your absence. Sending thank you and reminder emails to your clients etc. You name it and have it for you. The Administrative Assistance tasks are further divided into;

  • Maintaining Minutes of meetings
  • Event planning
  • Travel Scheduling
  • Calendar & Appointment setting
  • Preparing slideshows for webinars, presentations or meetings
  • Generating reports (weekly, monthly, yearly)
  • Phone answering services, managing emails, Monitoring Voicemail
  • Editing/proofreading/Copywriting
  • Sending out emails to potential clients
  • Sending Business Newsletters
  • Creating flyers and brochures using Canva
  • Following up with potential clients/JV partners (thank you and reminder emails)
  • Market research
  • File management (organizing files using Dropbox etc)
  • Filter and reply to comments on your blog
  • Newsletters via MailChimp, constant contact

data entry

Data Entry Assistance

Data Entry is a must for every business as it is all about accuracy and attention to details.

We offer detailed oriented data entry services for our clients which could be anything from business card entries to website data entry. We have specialized data entry executives with experience of more than 5 years, they will assist you with extraordinary services with 100% accuracy. Data Entry Assistance is further classified into;

  • Trade show data entry
  • Website data entry
  • Business & Visiting Card data entry
  • Image conversion
  • Data mining
  • Web scraping (manual)
  • Online/offline data entry
  • Image data entry
  • Form processing
  • Word Processing – document management and formatting
  • Document formatting
  • Directory Services
  • MS Office
  • Editing/proofreading/Copywriting
  • All other data entry tasks

internet marketing

Internet Marketing Assistance

Unlike today, word of mouth was enough for a business to reach people. But in today’s digitized world there is no marketing without Internet Marketing.

We offer assistance with Internet Marketing for your business so you can work further on growing your business using all the other methods. We help you build your online presence via social media and blogs management. Internet Marketing Assistance we offer;

  • Blog Management and maintenance
  • Write and submit press release
  • Email marketing via MailChimp, constant contact
  • Post classified ads
  • Link building
  • Active forum participation
  • Newsletters

website management

Website Management Assistance

Do you have a website? Then we have a Website Management Assistance for you. While you count your profits we make sure your website is up-to-date.

We manage to keep your website in high-quality conditions by managing data processing on the webshop, input new products and eventually delete some others, generate flashing pages, correct, change or add new text and images, optimize the website. Below is the classification of the Website Management Package;

  • Website maintenance (WordPress, Shopify, big commerce, etc.)
  • Online/offline customer support
  • Manage inventory
  • Update product/services (add/delete)
  • Data processing on website
  • Manage subscribers
  • Manage offers and freebies
  • Filter reviews and feedbacks
  • Shopping Cart Management

real estate

Real Estate Assistance

Real Estate is a vast industry and needs to keep track of every lease and purchase of a property. If you are a Real Estate Business Owner then we are happy to help you.

We strive to make documentation work easier for you by creating dockets, collating customer data, competitors data etc. With database management, we make sure your real estate data is organized, updated on a timely basis and also have the current market information via database management tools and software. Our services include;

  • Finding address on google
  • Posting to craigslist
  • Database Management
  • Follow up with customers
  • Create flyers/dockets/brochures using Canva
  • Newsletters via MailChimp, constant contact
  • Manage social media accounts
  • Transcription (transcribing voicemail, audio/video podcasts)
  • File management (organizing files using Dropbox etc.)
  • Filter and reply to comments on your blog

social media

Social Media Management

Social Media is a crucial part when in terms of business, it helps you reach out the targeted audience, it helps you to connect with the customers and know their requirements, it also helps you share thoughts with everyone from other entrepreneurs to customers.

We attempt to help you with you all your social media management tasks so you can take care of other priorities of your business. From managing your Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter accounts to maintaining your blog is what we concentrate on. Check out below what our Social Media Management package has for you;

  • Manage Social Media Accounts
  • Answer Questions in the inbox/on the page
  • Content Ideas
  • Formulate Ideas to posts
  • Setup & Maintain Branded Accounts
  • Strategy & Content Calendar Management
  • Scheduling Posts
  • Community Management
  • Advertisement Coordinating
  • Networking and CRM
  • Articles and guest posting
  • Upload photos to Online Sharing Sites

So why take the strain of managing everything by yourself, choose the High-End Services you want and utilize your time for other important business hookups or spend some quality time with your loved ones.

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