Know DPE


Data Processing Expert (DPE)

Data processing Expert assists you collect data in order to analyze, convert or summarize it into other usable information. If you do not have enough time to do this and your business needs help with data processing, you should consider hiring an expert to do that for you so that you would focus more on increasing your business.

Through Data Processing Expert we deliver valuable data to help businesses make informed decisions.

We have significantly grown since we started off January 2013. Our progress presents new and exciting opportunities – requiring creativity, new technologies, thought leadership, and operational excellence.

A Different Approach

Data Processing Expert’s approach is instituted on the five principles of:

  • Trust – we can be relied upon for our integrity, ability, and custody of your affairs.
  • Discretion – as your Private Office all of our business dealings are undertaken on a totally private and confidential basis.
  • Expertise – the team has considerable experience in each of their specialist fields.
  • Independence – we are not part of a larger practice with conflicting interests we are totally independent and as such so are our advice.
  • Accessibility – a member of the team is always available.

Data Processing Expert’s main tasks are to collate data from online resources, ensuring the information is updated and processing the data according to the client’s requirements.

  • Priorities briefs received from clients and effectively troubleshoot data queries and inconsistencies
  • Maintain high-quality data deliverables & cleaning of data
  • Provide suggestions and solutions to constantly improve the Data Processing processes and procedures
  • Provide information and/or educate external & internal clients about online research methodology and workflow process
  • Data Entry, Data Execution, Web scraping, Web-based research Database Administration, Data Maintenance are also some of the works taken care by a data processing specialist at Data Processing Expert.
  • We offer the most complete and highest-quality Data Processing Services.