November 2017

What do Successful Entrepreneurs have to say about Hiring a Virtual Assistant!

A Virtual Assistant is an individual who assists business owners, entrepreneurs with their business tasks. She works with you as a partner to share your business workload so you can focus more on new business opportunities. She can reduce your workload up to 50% by only managing your inbox daily or simply by attending your call when you are not around.

We have heard of many speaking up about the Virtual Assistant industry recently. Although VA’s have been in the online industry for more than two decades, it’s really sad to see that their ability and significance for a business is still ignored. They still fall behind in achieving that respect as an independent contractor or business owner. There are many who fail to understand that a Virtual Assistant is NOT an employee but an independent assistant.

Here is an article by  who has penned down experiences of 40 successful entrepreneurs who hired a Virtual Assistant for their business and what they have to teach you about hiring one.


40 Successful Entrepreneurs on Hiring a Virtual Assistant!

Finally, being an entrepreneur myself I understand how difficult it is to master every aspect of your business. So instead of being a jack of all trades and master of none, it’s wise enough to hire a Virtual Assistant and get into your ‘Genius Zone’ The ‘Genius Zone’ comes from the book by Gary Keller called ‘The One Thing’, which talks about focusing on the one thing you’re great at (or a genius at).

As an entrepreneur, your business success, and failures depends wholly on you and the most important factor ‘TIME’. And the best thing you could do to use this resource more efficiently is by delegating the time-consuming tasks to your Virtual Assistant.

Before you go hunting for your perfect virtual assistant, know What to look for in A Virtual Assistant and avoid mistakes.

Also, you may want to check out the tasks you want to Outsource to your VA and The Services a VA can offer you.

DPE Virtual Assistant


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