October 2017

How a Virtual Assistant Can Help Small Business Owners?

A Virtual Assistant act as a right hand to anyone who needs assistance to keep themselves organized and prepared for any future events. She is a person who takes care of everything behind the scenes when you are busy handling your business front. She can help you reduce the stress by taking charge of your TO-DO-LIST which has been building since long.

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When someone thinks of hiring a virtual assistant, it strikes to be something very expensive which can be affordable only to business owners and entrepreneurs with a good profit and money making. The question here is, how a Virtual Assistant can help small business owners?

I have been a Virtual Assistant for more than 4 years and during my tenure I have assisted every busy owner, may it be a small business owner, may it be a huge company or a well-established business entrepreneur. My approach towards each one was always the same, as my only motive was to serve my clients and deliver a comprehensive result. During this tenure I have undertaken several tasks which were in some way or the other very important for the business but either the business owners had no time to work on them or they did not like to do those extra jobs.

Below are a few ways a Virtual Assistant can assist small business owners:

email managementEmail Management: While you are busy working hard on expanding your business you always end up missing on so many important email communications and a messed-up inbox. Virtual Assistants are a great option to manage and organize your inbox. They not only will maintain it but also keep you updated with the most significant emails. Once you build trust with your VA you may also ask her to respond to some emails. Email follow up can also be done at the same time. This way you will never fall behind on communicating with your clients and never lose any business opportunity.

internet research & data collectionInternet Research: Every business at some point of time needs some research either by visiting various places to understand the market or by doing internet research to reach the potential customers. Considering today’s digital world internet research is a must as many customers go online for finding the best suited products or services. A VA can get you as much information possible from the internet, this can be about your competitors, potential customers, details of businesses and their owners you wish to connect with. The list can go on and on, you name it and it will be done for you.

website managementWebsite Development and Management: All most every business today has a website to make their business visible online. Not all can afford to spend a huge amount on tech guys and get a specialized website ready for themselves. Hence, many small business owners prefer platforms like Big Commerce, Shopify, WordPress, etc. A VA can help you create and manage a website at an affordable monthly rate or per hour rate. If you have time and can manage it all by yourself, you may only need to spend money on creating the website. Managing a website also includes data processing on the web shop, input new products/services and eventually delete some others, generate flashing pages, correct, change or add new text and images, optimize the website.

BK&AccountingBookkeeping & Accounting: Do you take care of your taxes and invoices? I am sure you do? So why not hire a Virtual Assistant to take care of all the bookkeeping tasks. While the VA handles all your invoices, you will be stress free of the thought of missing out on any invoices or your yearend tax filing. The only thing important here is to build good trust in your VA. Once you have worked with each other for a decent period you can trust on sharing your credentials for accounting purpose. There are many software’s available online which all VA’s use to handle the Bookkeeping tasks for their clients.

Apart from the above-mentioned responsibilities there are tasks like data entry, database management, social media management, internet marketing, newsletters etc. you may outsource to a VA as a small business owner and of course at an affordable price compared to hiring a personal assistant to do these tasks.

Check out the list of tasks that can be outsourced to a Virtual Assistant.

Get rid of those long to-do-lists today and start sharing your work load with the Virtual Assistant for your business. Sit back and relax while your Virtual Assistant takes charge of your admin and marketing responsibilities.

Not sure where to hire a Virtual Assistant? Ask us! We are happy to help you!

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