October 2017

How to build a team with no money?

As an aspiring entrepreneur, I always found it difficult to get people join my team. Reason being less exposure, less income, not much monetary support. I have been struggling every minute to get people join me and show them the longterm profits and exposure they would get.

No entrepreneur can do it all by themselves, they will need a team of experts who master in different fields that the entrepreneurs lack. Only because you lack some resources it does not mean you don’t deserve the success. As Jay Colby says “What you really need is resourcefulness and the ability to inspire others to join you in your mission.”

I always believed in the quote by Mother Teresa –  “I can do things you cannot, you can do things I cannot; together we can do great things.” #motivationalmondays

These 5 ways to build a team by Jay Colby, has motivated me to not give up and showed me that there are many other inexpensive ways to build your team.

4 Ways To Build a Team With No Money


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