October 2017

Why Your Business Needs A VA To Help With Internet Research?

“As a research tool, the internet is invaluable.” – Noam Chomsky

As a start-up or growing business owner, you may often think why do you need a VA for a minor task like Internet Research? But do you really have that amount of time during your start-up days to sit and do internet research and get the complete insight of the market and its requirements? No! right, so here is when the Virtual Assistant steps in.

A VA is a person who works remotely on contract or freelance basis. She takes ownership of all the administrative tasks associated with your business. Entrepreneurs can use a Virtual Assistant for any tasks from sending email newsletters to making business videos, from data entry to website management, from internet research to keep an eye on competitors. The list of tasks that can be outsourced is huge.

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During the initial stage of your business, a VA helps you save the time and money you would spend on hiring employees and not to forget the workspace expense. Every entrepreneur who is in the initial stage of his business will require some market research or products research before he even starts his business or launches it publicly. As it is said we are in the digital world today and hence it’s very important for every small or big business owner to be aware of what exactly is happening in terms of market, competitors, new trends, new customers, vendors, social media etc.

Today I will be highlighting the most prominent task a VA can work on for start-ups and growing business owners – Internet Research or Online Research. A Virtual Assistant is well versed with the internet and its present trends. She knows exactly which information to find where and which keywords to be used. A VA can get you any information with ease and with complete graphs of the data available online, provided you give her clear instructions along with usernames and passwords if required. She can be an asset to your company as she is flexible with working hours and always available.

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Below are the Internet Research tasks you can farm out to your Virtual Assistant while you concentrate on growing your business;

  • Blog topics
  • Information on Corporate websites
  • Profile research
  • Company research
  • Product Research
  • Product Sourcing
  • New products and software’s
  • Competition research
  • Keyword research
  • Research potential clients
  • General web research

You name it and the Virtual Assistant will have it done for you, not only in time but also at an affordable pricing.

So why wait any longer, go ahead and charter your first Virtual Assistant to build your business brick by brick and keep yourself up-to-date with the latest trends and market desideratum.

Keep an eye on my next blog post about another significant task a VA can undertake for your business. Until then happy reading!

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