October 2017

DPE Virtual Assistant – Your Ultimate Business Associate

imagesCommencing the new phase of Data Processing Expert with the launch of my Independent Virtual Assistant Business I started off my Freelance career with just one laptop doing data entry tasks and earning a mere $30 per month. Gradually moving forward with clients who appreciated my work I am finally being able to launch myself as an independent Freelance Virtual Assistant. I love my job as a VA and I enjoy every bit of it.

As I took my steps one day at a time, I learned how important it is for entrepreneurs to charter a Virtual Assistant to take care of their administrative projects and work on their detailed tasks as they have more important things to do in terms of their business. A VA can not only assist you with your daily business tasks but also keep you well prepared in advance for any professional meeting or presentation.

What you should look for in a Good Virtual Assistant for Your Business

Before taking this leap of introducing myself as a Virtual Assistant, I thought for myself what would be the qualities that I, as an entrepreneur would like my VA to have? The answers were simple;

  • reliable
  • trustworthy
  • multitasker
  • attentive to a requirement
  • intuitive
  • flexible to with
  • a person who willingly will go out of their way to solve any problems

Keeping in mind the above points I began preparing myself as the Ultimate Virtual Assistant to my clients. What helped me make myself better was my previous work experience of working with people from different backgrounds, my experience as an American Express Customer Service Representative and a sales representative, my experience as a Freelancer where I got the opportunity to explore new things every time as every client had a different requirement. Until now I have served a Doctor, a technical person who builds software for schools, a TEDx speaker, various entrepreneurs, managing directors and CEO’s to name a few. Their testimonials speak it all about my work. Read More…

Although I have been into this industry for more than five years now, I take it as a new beginning and wish to serve more and more clients with the motive of being a minor part of their business success. As I always believe every bit makes a difference.

Virtual Outsourcing is a best and affordable method to get assistance for your business. If you have a small business with just one or two employees and if your business requires you to travel a lot then virtually outsourcing your administrative tasks is the best deal. Visit us today for your Ultimate Business VA.

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