September 2017

5 Ways To Save Yourself From Scam Jobs Online

Work from home is a new trend now. But, is working from home and finding a real payable online job an easy task? If you wish to work from home, you need to be able to differentiate between fake and real jobs. Job scammers are all over the internet. To avoid such scams, you need to do your homework and research well.

Here are 5 ways that should help you determine if it’s a fake job or a legitimate job opening.


imagesDO NOT PAY – Any company who wants you to pay a deposit to start your work from home job is a fake company. Let’s take it like this, when you go for a job interview, does the organisation ask you to pay something? No, instead the interviewer gives you an appointment letter with what will be paid to you. No company is real who wants you to make an upfront payment for a simple data entry or for that matter any work from home job.


Do a complete research on any company who gets in touch with you regarding a work from home job opening. Keep your eyes wide open not to see the amount they pay you but to understand if the amount paid is worth the task or job you will be doing. Try doing a research on how much actually the market rate is for that kind of a job.


Even today, in the 21st century you must work hard to earn your living, nothing comes easy or overnight. Avoid companies which make you feel a millionaire by giving you examples of other people who earned a huge amount within a day or a week. No company or no job can give you an opportunity to change your destiny overnight.



DO NOT give away any of your personal/financial information until you have verified and done your homework about the company and the people calling you for the job opportunity. Make sure you ask all the relevant questions if you receive a call and listen very carefully as to how the answers are coming back. If the person refuses to give you any part of the information it could be a scam. Offers coming on email and asking you to fill out a form so they could pay you can be more suspicious. So whenever you register yourself with a job site make sure you make a note of it somewhere for you to know if you had registered with that company.


Any job offer that comes from a personal or general email address (eg: is a scam. Also, an email that mimics a real company’s email address (eg: is a scam. To confirm if it’s a fake or real email address simply do a google search with the company name, email address or the domain name.

Job scammers will always be there. Internet is a maze full of real and fake people. It’s up to you how keep yourself safe from the scammers and make contacts with the real business people. So be safe and keep reading for more.

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