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September 2017, Uncategorized

How I Made My Way From Being a Housewife To A Successful Work From Home Freelancer

Being a housewife is always a greater task with numerous responsibilities, especially in a country like India. Right from birth we girls are only taught to take care of household work and family members, but we are never made to realize what else we can do as a girl or a woman. Even in the 21st Century, we women struggle a lot to get out of the box and prove ourselves.

I belong to a middle-class family where we are supposed to take care of the entire family after marriage, which is so much of work that we have no time to even look at ourselves in the mirror. I had been working like this for years with the same routine to follow and the same household chores. It was one day when my parents-in-law refused to accept my proposal of going out and finding a job, I realized it’s not going to be an easy journey for me and that I have to find my own way out of this box.

I worked the entire day and late night I started doing research on how I can start some work from home. I came across so many fake sites and so many fake people who made me do their work and did not even bother to pay me. I never gave up on it, although I had people laughing at me and making fun of me and what I was trying to do. After doing a lots and lots of research on the internet for several unsuccessful days I finally found light with which showed me a way to be a part of the huge Freelancer community where I could find work and clients who would be interested in taking my services and pay me what I deserved to earn.

December 2012 was the time when I found my first client who paid me a mere Rs. 700/- for data entry work and then there was no turning back. Being a virtual job platform, it was never so easy to make my way to the clients who would trust me or at least give me a chance to prove myself. But I went on with confidence and conviction in myself that I can do it and no one can stop me from being what I want to be. Today, I am proud of Data Processing Expert which serves the client’s worldwide with various tasks, in turn helping them nourish their business take it to the next new level.

I thank my parents-in-law, for if it was not for their denial that would give me an ambition in my life and goal to achieve my dreams of being someone whose work is appreciated and recognized by others.

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