What you should look for in a Good Virtual Assistant for Your Business

Virtual Assistants are professionals providing administrative, technical, creative, secretarial, online marketing and daily business management support for small and medium level businessmen, consultants, entrepreneurs and busy professionals who run their own businesses.

I am a Virtual Assistant and here are some tips for you on what you should look for in a Good Virtual Assistant for Your Business.

  1. TrustWhen hiring a VA there should be the instinct feel that you can trust the person, since she would be someone whom you have never seen or known before, moreover a VA should be reliable to be empowered with various business related tasks and responsibilities. After all, “First impression is the last impression!”
  2. SkillsThere are unlimited tasks you can entrust to your VA. As personal skills she should be as enthusiastic to work with you as you are. A person who is innovative, attentive, self dependent, extraordinary, coherent, confident and comfortable to grasp new tasks on the go. The VA should also have the basic technical skills like how to work with websites, basic softwares, apps, Microsoft office, google drive, emailing, etc. as these are some of the essential requirements on which a small business usually runs.
  3. CommunicationWhen hiring a VA, communication plays a vital role as all the trust and work assigned is most of the time based on the email conversations between you and the VA. It’s very important to know if she is comfortable speaking/writing in the language you desire and if there is an absolute understanding between you both.
  4. Professionalism – The VA should be highly professional in the manner she carries her responsibilities. During the first interview, you can observe the way she answers your questions. Later, make sure the VA answers your emails on time? If she promises you to update on some important matter does she follow up promptly? As a VA is she aware of your upcoming meetings and business related follow ups?
  5. PracticeIt’s very important to know how long she has been in practice as a VA and what all tasks had she handled in the past. As this will help you know the necessity of what you may need to teach the VA and what she is good at.
  6. ReferenceIt is always good to have references tell about the person you are looking to hire, as it facilitates you to make a right decision with confidence. References may be the persons website, Facebook page, Linkedin profile or any online appearance and of course references from previous employers is always a good way to know how it is working with them.
  7. AvailabilityIf you are hiring someone from other countries, you need to make sure what time zone is the VA located? Is she available 24/7 or just weekdays? Depending on the days you want the VA to work for you.

If you want to thrive your business to the next level and make more profits by concentrating on the sales and business relations consider hiring a Virtual Assistant now.

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